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eNews: February 2013  

Revive the Spirit: Do 4 Things for Aasiya

AasiyaAssalamu Alaykum

Project Sakinah was launched in response to Sr. Aasiya Zubair’s murder in February 2009. Many of us woke up to the reality of domestic violence in the Muslim community due to her brutal death. We said never again. Let’s revive that spirit by taking four quick actions:

  • Pledge to not be silent when violence occurs. (Link to Pledge)
  • Donate $37 in honor of the short 37 years she lived. (Link to Donate page)
  • Pray for Aasiya's children and other children of violence.
  • Share our pledge and posts to revive our commitment to grow healthy families.
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On the Road to Sakinah

Follow Project Sakinah on Twitter!Tweet and Retweet to Stop Family Violence
This year, we're going to try and expand our focus to include more use of Twitter. We'll be tweeting a lot this month with the tags #NoMoreAasiyas, #Pledge2StopFV, #RememberAasiyaZubair, #NoMoreFamilyViolence, and #NoMoreFV. If you're on Twitter, please follow and re-tweet our posts. Right now, we're asking everybody to RT the Aasiya Zubair meme.


DV Training in NoVA
Our Northern Virginia Team is currently attending a 20 hour Fairfax County Domestic Violence Training over the course of three Saturdays. Just last Saturday, twelve Muslims came out to be a part of the DV training Alhumdulillah. At that meeting, our local team lead, sister Asma Ahmad, was able to give a five minute talk about Project Sakinah, our mission, and our local NoVA group.


Mental Health Conference in Chicago
Three of our Chicago team members--sisters Noor Church, Raiesa Samad and Maryam Al-Zoubi--hosted a Project Sakinah table at the first annual Arab American Family Services Conference on February 1st. They had the opportunity to meet many mental health professionals as well as community members interested in joining our local team.

Chaplain Nur Moebius calls upon Imams and Community Leader

“My call to you today is to imams and leaders of the community. I need you to know that domestic violence does exist. I am here to testify to its existence…”

- Muslim Chaplain, Nur Moebius

Please watch this video for full statement.

You and Project Sakinah
Project Sakinah is your project. Its success depends upon YOU.  Please do your part.

Share Your Story:  We're looking for more stories of survivors of all types of family violence for our website. Often times, we only highlight those which have a tragic end, but the vast majority do not end in homicide. If you're willing to share your story, on domestic violence, child abuse, or elder abuse we'd love to have it. Knowing that they're not alone can be a great comfort for other survivors. You can remain as anonymous as you like. Please send us your story to MyStory@projectsakinah.org

Join us, Like us, and Share on Facebook:  Our page provides valuable information to our community every day, several times a day. By liking our posts and sharing them, you ensure that you'll continue to stay informed regarding family violence in the Muslim American community. Join us on Facebook, invite your friends, and help us to spread the message.

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Spotlight on Haris Tarin

Spotlight on Irma and Brian DahlquistThis month’s spotlight is on Haris Tarin, the Washington, DC Director of Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). He is at the forefront of the national campaign launched by MPAC in support of Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). His wrote very passionately in his recent op-ed published in Huffington Post:

“Regardless of why it is being stalled in Congress, one thing is clear; American Muslims must assert their voice in this conversation. Besides our community being heavily impacted by this issue, it is our prophetic tradition to stand up for the most vulnerable in society and inspire our communities to engage in the advocacy process. American Muslim institutions, mosques and leaders should be at the forefront of advocating on this legislation.”

Learn more about this campaign and Haris Tarin.