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Empower Her – 2015: A leadership workshop for young Muslim women in DFW
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The Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation, one of our collaborators,have arranged for a workshop on June 10–12, 2015 presented by the Women’s Initiative for Self-Empowerment. The workshop will include training in self-defense, self–confidence, leadership & career training. The Women’s Initiative for Self-Empowerment is an organization whose mission is to provide a platform for promoting the talents of young Muslim women and upholding the value of their potential for individual success. For more on the Women’s Initiative, see their website at www.wise-woman.org.
Futures Without Violence

On April 28, 2015 Futures Without Violence and the George Washington University’s Global Women’s Institute hosted the second Open Square Summit to explore the obstacles that can prevent education for women and girls worldwide. The event, Safe Passage: Gender-Based Violence and Global Education, convened more than 100 top international leaders.

As part of our commitment to keeping you informed about excellent resources for your community’s use in changing attitudes about the way we handle social issues, we’d like to call your attention to their website, futureswithoutviolence.org. It is full of useful information on a broad range of issues vital to our community. Be sure to check out their website.

Online Match Making

Many Muslims these days find their future spouse online. Please use due diligence. Don’t neglect having a wali...or wali team. Don’t neglect warning signs. The popular dating app Tinder has been transformed into a tool to combat domestic violence with a new social media campaign reminding women that even the most promising of relationships can get ugly in an instant.

Miami–based ad agency Bravo/Y&R helped Women in Distress, a domestic violence center in Florda, raise awareness for the issue with Tinder Beater; by creating fake profiles for three ‘abusive’ men, the organization was able to engage hundreds of users in conversation, while urging women to get help at the first sign of violence.

A video for the new campaign, which debuted last week, shows how users who swipe through the fictional men’s photo albums get a first–hand look at how quickly a guy can go from nice to violent – with the images descending from friendly and smiling to cruel and aggressive in a matter of swipes. Full Story.

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Miami-based ad agency Bravo/Y&R helped Women in Distress, a domestic violence center, raise awareness for the issue with Tinder Beater by by creating fake profiles for three 'abusive' men.

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