Pray for Our Murdered and Oppressed Children, Women and Men Worldwide.

Dear Project Sakinah Family,

Assalamu `Alaikum,

In these last days of Ramadan, we mourn the horrific massacres in Gaza at the hands of Israeli Army.

During these final nights of Ramadan, let us leverage the power of prayer and charity to alleviate the brutalization and suffering of the people in Gaza, and of the Muslims in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and many other places throughout the world. Let us use our determination to demand decency and justice for all human beings. Let us use our access to officials to work toward lasting changes in our nation’s policies and return to our foundational principals of treating all humans as equal and equally worthy of the preservation of their lives, dignity and property.

As we mourn the lives lost in Gaza and elsewhere in recent attacks by their oppressors, we also mourn for lives lost at home. This loss of life is all the more tragic because the oppressors are not Israeli or Syrian soldiers or Burmese Buddhists. These are Muslims being brutally murdered by their own family members.

We’ve been reaching out to you with these messages each week during Ramadan, asking for your support for the mission which we have undertaken as a fard kifayah on your behalf. We are grateful and appreciative of those of you who have chosen to help.

There is not the slightest doubt that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala will continue to test us, making us aware of injustice and suffering and the cries of innocent victims. Nor is their doubt that our brothers and sisters will respond. We give thanks for the gift of Islam, and for the opportunity to be of service to families struggling to maintain their dignity and pass on their deen to the next generation.

Last but not least, in this blessed month, please keep us in your prayers. Please make Du’a for us, for the victims of abuse and for the people and organizations who are dedicated to help them. Please make Du’a for children and innocent people all over the world and do whatever you can for them.

Sincerely yours,

Sincerely yours,
Project Sakinah team
Dr. Mohammad Shafi, Chairman
Board of Trustees, Dar al Islam

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