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What is Your Position?

Sometimes you learn about people being abused by their spouses in your family or community.  What do you do to stop that abuse?  Do you take a stand, or do you let it go because it is none of your business?  What should we do to protect the victims and to prevent domestic violence? 

These questions are part of an online survey conducted by Project Sakinah and Peaceful Families Project.  By taking this survey, you can help us address this evil in our community.  Please click here and tell us...

Where do YOU stand?

On the Road to Sakinah

Gathering Community to Stop Domestic Violence - October 2011 Events
October is domestic violence awareness month.  Events are being scheduled all over the country to address the issue of domestic violence.  Project Sakinah is organizing community events in Columbus and Chicago to brainstorm and plan the necessary steps to bring change in our culture and attitude toward domestic violence.  For a list of events organized by Project Sakinah and its affiliates, please check the "Events" section on our team page. 

You may also submit your event to be included in this list. Please email us at:  gathering@projectsakinah.org.  Also, if you are not able to organize an event in your community, at least ask your imam to deliver a khutbah against domestic violence.

Some cool tools for you.  Have no clue where to start?  No problem.  Check out our cool Tools and use them to educate yourself and to raise awareness within your community.  Here you will find printed material to distribute, videos to watch and share, and blogs and discussions by learned scholars and activists to help educate and inspire.

President ISNA, Imam Mohamed Magid endorses Project Sakinah!

For more videos, check out the "Videos" section on our "Tools" page.

How YOU CAN Help?  Project Sakinah is YOUR project and it will only be successful with YOUR participation and support.  As we organize local teams in cities and towns, we could use help from just about anybody.  We need people from all walks of life.  You can help by organizing or publicizing an event.  You can also help through your writing.  One very important way to help us is through donations.  None of this work can be sustained and productive without continuous financial support.  Please donate generously!

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Yasmin Ali
Yasmin Ali
Yasmin Ali and Hannah Tyler took a Step!  We are humbled by Allah's blessing us with two dynamic and very committed community organizers in Chicago and Columbus.  Yasmin joined Project Sakinah during the ISNA Convention this past July.  She has taken on the role of lead organizer in Chicago for our upcoming events on October 23rd.  Hannah joined Project Sakinah last month and she is playing a major role as the lead organizer for upcoming events in Columbus.  May Allah (swt) reward them immensely for their efforts and services to our community.  Ameen.

Spotlight on Cambria Saunder’s daughter, Sakinah 

Allah does what He wills.  Cambria Saunders named her daughter Sakinah because “it meant God-inspired peace of mind.”  Sakinah just had her first birthday.  Cambria googled her baby's name and followed the link to our website.  She was surprised at the connection - as she herself is a survivor of domestic violence, who left the abuser finally only this last February.  She is donating 100% of her commissions from sales this month of the Scentsy products she distributes to Project Sakinah.  Buy some products from the Project Sakinah fundraiser link on her site and support Project Sakinah, as well as affirming God’s gift in connecting us.