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Project Sakinah: Reflections and Plans

Assalamu Alaykum and Happy New Year,

Just like many of you, we at Project Sakinah are also very excited about the possibilities and opportunities that year 2012 may have for us. While looking forward to a year full of activism, we are looking back also to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses in various regards. Please read a recent Project Sakinah update by our Campaign Manager, Zerqa Abid.

Project Sakinah: Reflections & Plans

On the Road to Sakinah

Women Support Groups is an initiative that our Columbus and Chicago branches have implemented within their own circles. Though the name may be slightly misleading, contrary to the obvious, these groups are not therapy sessions. They are merely a sort of informal gathering where women can come together at a friend’s house for some food, maybe a movie or desi drama (for the Aunties and cultured girls out there who’d rather watch Humsafar than Gossip Girl). It is at these casual get togethers that people feel most comfortable, and start discussing their problems over a cup of coffee (or chai). Following the example of Close to Home, a project started in small neighborhood in Boston, MA by Aimee Thompson, we hope that through these meetings, we will be able to create a nurturing environment that makes it possible to break the internal personal barriers that stop us from confiding our personal problems to even the closest of friends.

We will eventually expand to Support Groups for Men as well, and also experiment with the concept on a high school and college level. 

Sheikh Kifah Mustapha talks about Domestic Violence!


Khutba Drive
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Khutbah Drive!
Project Sakinah is urging all communities to get involved in helping to stop this evil.  One way you can assist in this ongoing struggle is by asking your local Imams or mosque administrators to deliver a khutbah addressing the problem of domestic violence within Muslim families. For examples on what kind of khutbahs can/should be delivered, you can check out our Tools page.

As always, we would love your feedback, so please keep us updated by posting on Facebook when you make a request and also when your Imam does deliver a khutbah.

Let's TEAM UP and keep it rolling :)

Spotlight on Money Matters 

Project Sakinah is an initiative of Dar al Islam, a New Mexico based Islamic organization known for outstanding projects and results for more than thirty years in North America. In the past three years, it has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Project Sakinah. Services of professionals have been hired for the project and Dar al Islam stays committed to do whatever is still needed for the core establishment of the project. But as we stretch ourselves into various cities and towns, it is clear to us that we cannot sustain this growth without the support of the community itself.

We hope and pray that more community members will wake up and appreciate the work being done under the banner of Project Sakinah, and volunteer their time and money to help us expand our services for those in need. Please donate generously

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!
PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

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