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Taking an Action

Assalamu Alaykum!

Project Sakinah is all about community activism.  We can sit together and talk for weeks and months about stopping violence and encouraging peaceful relationships without actually stopping a single abuser.  Just talking is not going to take us anywhere unless we put our hands and money where our mouth is.  When it comes to saving a life or a home, no action is a small action.  Perhaps your clicking on the link below is a small action that can lead you to bigger action for your community, inshaAllah.

Take Action Now

On the Road to Sakinah

"Protecting the Loved Ones at Home"
Project Sakinah Presents at Ohio State – February 10, 2012
The Muslim Student Association at Ohio State University has invited Project Sakinah to present its case to OSU's students.  Our Campaign Manager, Zerqa Abid, will be presenting about family violence in general and the community actions that need to be taken to combat it.  The title of the presentation is "Protecting the Loved Ones at Home."

Project Sakinah in Atlanta
We are very excited to report that we are going to kick start our campaign in Atlanta, GA, this March.  On March 3rd, 2012, we will be introducing Project Sakinah and its campaign to the audience of a Family Symposium at Masjid Hamzah in Alpharetta, GA.  We are also looking forward to having more collaborative work with "Muslim Men against Domestic Violence", another anti-domestic violence group based in Atlanta.

Dr. Yasmeen Khan: Cause and Impact of Domestic Violence in Muslim Families

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PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!
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Spotlight on Robina Niaz, a CNN Hero

The founder and the Executive Director of Turning Point for Women and Families, Robina Niaz, is probably the only Muslim activist who has earned so many local and national awards for her work against domestic violence within the Muslim community.  During the fall of 2009 she was named a CNN Hero and was featured as one of the 500 Most Influential Muslims by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center/Georgetown University.  In March 2011, Niaz was one of the 31 women honored by Mayor Bloomberg during Women’s History Month and in May 2011 she was named one of the 21 Leaders of the 21st Century by Women’s eNews. Niaz has received the Neighborhood Leadership Award by NY Women’s Foundation in October 2011.  Born and raised in Pakistan, Niaz has an M.S in Applied Psychology (Pakistan) and an MSW from Hunter College, NY. 

Niaz founded Turning Point in December 2004 as the first faith-based non-profit organization in New York City to directly address domestic violence in the Muslim community.  Over the last 7 years it has become a critical resource for our community and a model for direct services that help Muslim women and children affected by domestic violence.  Turning Point also runs a Youth Program for Muslim girls/young women and launched "ARISE NY!" in November 2010 in response to bullying and hate crimes targeting Muslim youth in public schools and other public areas.