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Understanding Relationships

Assalamu Alaykum!

The very first step in preventing domestic violence is learning to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy relationships. The cycle of abuse is difficult to break once in motion. Hence, it is vital that we learn to recognize unhealthy relationships, and to do something to interrupt the cycle before it gets worse. Click below and use our interactive diagrams to learn more about relationships.

Muslim Wheel of Domestic Violence

On the Road to Sakinah

Project Sakinah goes to Yale
The managing director of Project Sakinah, Anas Coburn will present a training on domestic violence titled “Signs and Strategies for dealing with Domestic Violence”, at the National Shura 1433 for Chaplains and Imams at Yale on March 10, 2012. Anas will share the session with Sr. Bonita McGee of Islamic Social Services Association- USA .The event is sponsored by The Islamic Seminary Foundation (ISF) in cooperation with The Association of Muslim Chaplains (AMC).

Sakinah Leadership Summit – “Transforming Community”
Project Sakinah’s Columbus Team is bringing executive director of Turning Point for Women and Families, Robina Niaz. Niaz would be the keynote speaker at the Sakinah Leadership Summit: “Transforming Community” on March 10, 2012. Several local Muslim leaders will talk about their projects that have transformed the Columbus community in one way or the other. On March 9th, MSA-OSU will also be hosting a major event with Sr. Robina Niaz about the need for Anti-Bullying initiatives led by youth in all communities.

Project Sakinah in Atlanta
On March 3rd, 2012, Zerqa Abid introduced Project Sakinah to a Family Symposium at Masjid Hamza in Alpharetta, GA. Turnout for the program was gratifying and it was well recieved by community leadership and members alike. We are happy to announce the formation of a new team under the leadership of Shaima and Abdul Wali Carter. 

Tayyibah Taylor: Join Project Sakinah & Azizah Magazine against Domestic Violence

Tayyiba Taylor, the editor in chief of Azizah Magazine says, “We stand firmly behind the Project Sakinah, because it’s a community driven project that ensures that violence is not a part of a Muslim woman’s life.” Please watch the video for complete message.

You and Project Sakinah
Project Sakinah is your project. Its success depends upon YOU. Please do your part.

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Spotlight on Rashda Azim

This month’s spotlight is upon our senior most volunteer: Rashda Azim. Azim has been with Project Sakinah from the beginning. This grandmother of 12 children is in her early 70s. She is a cancer survivor of 10 years and can have all the excuses for not doing anything for the community. But she has a heart of gold and a mind and body of an activist. She understands the need of social change in the fabric of our community when it comes to family violence. Hence she has been engaging her family, friends and community members about Project Sakinah. So far, she has been the most reliable and committed volunteer raising money for us from the different corners of US and Canada. May Allah bless her with long life of health and prosperity, ameen. Indeed, she is a role model for us all.