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eNews: April 2012  

Domestic Violence: Why Families Keep Silent

Assalamu Alaykum!

It is important to understand why a cycle of violence continues in a Muslim household regardless of clear guidelines in Islam against oppression. There are multiple reasons behind the behaviors of abusers, victims, families and communities at large. A good first step to stop any cycle of violence is to understand the reasons behind it. Once you understand it, you can help in stopping it too.

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On the Road to Sakinah

Family Stability Potluck in Chicago
On March 31st , Project Sakinah Chicago team under the leadership of Irma Hasham gathered community members for a potluck dinner at the Islamic Society of Northwest Suburbs of Rolling Meadows. The title of the event was “Family Stability in the Muslim Community.” Dr. Yasmeen Khan (PsyD) and community leader Mohammed Shakur spoke to the gathering about the need of family stability and the issue of domestic violence in the Muslim Community.

Columbus Leaders meet with Project Sakinah
On March 11th, Columbus Muslim community leaders and community activists gathered to meet with Project Sakinah in search for a long-term plan to address the issue of family violence in the community. The managing director of Project Sakinah, Anas Coburn, the Columbus team, and several distinguished leaders discussed the need to make social services a priority for their community. Project Sakinah is working to introduce and launch several long-term initiatives in collaboration with the Muslim organizations and the Columbus community. We will be reporting more to you about this in the coming months, inshaAllah.

Video: Native Deen endorses Project Sakinah

“We are encouraging all the people, everyone in our community, Muslim, non Muslim, to stand up against domestic Violence. There should be no way to have this in our community. Absolutely not. Project Sakinah is really in the forefront of trying to bring this awareness to our community, so support them and let’s keep our families pure, safe and healthy, inshaAllah.” - Abdul Malik Ahmed, Native Deen.

You and Project Sakinah
Project Sakinah is your project. Its success depends upon YOU. Please do your part.

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Sponsor a Program: From a workshop for youth to the production of campaign video, there are several items that you can fund with your money. Please check the list of programs and help us bringing the change to the community.
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Spotlight on Abdulwali Carter and Shaima Hashmi

Abdulwali Carter and Shaima Hashmi Shaima Hashmi & Abdul Wali Carter are our two new stars from Atlanta, GA. Since their marriage 11 years ago, they have been focused on helping Muslim families and children who are most neglected or troubled because of broken or dysfunctional families. In 2005, they completed their foster parents training and became temporary legal guardians of two Muslim children until the court returned them to their mother five years later.

Since 2010, Carter has been involved in addressing the issue of domestic violence within the Muslim Community through discussion and dialogue with victims or families on an online forum, IslamicAnswers.com. He currently serves as an editor of the site.

After many months of responding to similar posts and questions, last year Carter decided that he needed training so that he could properly help these people. He began his initial training with an organization in Atlanta called, "Men Stopping Violence". This organization works with men who have abused their wives or loved ones. The training helped him to better understand why men abuse. He is continuing the training and will eventually become a facilitator helping not only Muslim men but all men who need help. In addition to that, he and his wife, Shaima have taken the lead in mobilizing the Atlanta Muslim community against all types of family violence. They are our main organizers for Project Sakinah Atlanta Team. May Allah Almighty reward them immensely, ameen.