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Types of
Family Violence

From casually humiliating a child, to punching a spouse you think isn't listening, violence in families hurts.

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Hear Our Stories

Courageous survivors are breaking their silence about harm at the heart of our community. You can't turn your back when you know.

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Healthy Relationships

Healthy families grow from sound relationships. Marriage can be a means of personal, emotional, and spiritual growth.

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Unhealthy Relationships

The signs of abusive relationships aren't always this obvious, but learning to recognize them is the first step toward healing.

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Protect the Children

Children raised in unhealthy families may be damaged for life. Learn how to protect our children.

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Effective Parenting

Effective parenting is a vital part of our religion. Explore our resources for ideas about raising healthy children with sound Islamic identities, values, and character.

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  • 2 Hear Our Stories
  • 3 Healthy Relationships
  • 4 Unhealthy Relationships
  • 3 Protect the Children
  • 5 Parenting Resources

Stop family violence now!

Family violence is a global issue that affects everyone. Project Sakinah is an initiative of Dar al Islam. It is an effort to stimulate awareness and action in the Muslim community to WAKE UP to the reality of the harm being done to our families, to learn to SPEAK UP in order to break the silence that surrounds the issue, and to TEAM UP with others to work to change our condition.

<a title="International Purple Hijab & Kufi Day 2015" target="_blank" href="">Announcing:<br/>International Purple Hijab & Kufi Day 2015</a>

International Purple Hijab & Kufi Day 2015

Project Sakinah is proud to announce the International Purple Hijab & Kufi Day 2015 presented by Asadullah, the Muslim Men Against Domestic Violence, and the Baitul Salam Network.  
Find out more about this popular international event.

<a title="'Heartsick' Elias-case judge challenges domestic-violence myths: Guest opinion" target="_blank" href=" HeartsickElias ">Judge challenges domestic violence myths</a>

Judge challenges domestic violence myths

On Nov. 10, Ian Elias kicked in the door of the home of his ex-wife, Nicolette Elias, and shot her to death with a handgun. The judge’s plea: “As a professional who has fought the good fight against domestic violence throughout my 27-year career, first as a prosecutor and now as a judge, it's hard not to give up in despair. First we must shatter our myths and biases about domestic violence.”  Read More

<a title="This is Why Childhood Psychological Abuse Should Be As Taboo as Sexual or Physical Abuse — PsyBlog" target="_blank" href="">This is Why Childhood Psychological Abuse Should Be As Taboo

This is Why Childhood Psychological Abuse Should Be As Taboo

Large new study reveals just how harmful psychological abuse in childhood can be.

The evidence just keeps on accumulating: psychological abuse can be as harmful, or even MORE harmful, than physical. We can all do better at controlling our tongues.  Read More

<a title="Kids punished with guilt have trouble with adult relationships" target="_blank" href="">Kids punished with guilt have trouble with adult relationships - study</a>

Kids punished with guilt have trouble with adult relationships - study

Parental psychological control, such as withholding love or fostering anxiety, has a negative effect on their childrens’ future friendships. Read More

<a title="Janay isn’t leaving Ray Rice" target="_blank" href="">Janay isn’t leaving Ray Rice: Domestic violence victims often don’t</a>

Janay isn’t leaving Ray Rice: Domestic violence victims often don’t

It may not be obvious, but it is important to realize: “Victims of domestic violence and intimate partner abuse do not stay with or protect their abusers because they are gold diggers or because they are stupid or because they are masochists. Victims of abuse stay with their abusers due to biological, chemical, psychological, and societal factors.” Read More

<a title="Building Moral Intellgence, by Dr. Michele Borba" href="" target="_blank">Building Moral Intellgence, by Dr. Michele Borba</a>

Building Moral Intellgence, by Dr. Michele Borba

“The single greatest trend I’ve seen as a consultant to hundreds of schools over the past ten years, ” Borba says, ” is the marked increase in anxiety and anger in our children.  Borba gives parents five strategies to teach children self-control so they can calm down and learn to handle their anger.

<a target="_blank" href="/ResourcesTools/DirectoryofServices.aspx">Project Sakinah’s Directory of Services</a>

Project Sakinah’s Directory of Services

includes individuals and organizations who provide services to families in need, including counseling, shelter, community outreach, legal, medical and religious services. We ask everyone to help us by entering information about your local resources. This might save another family from breaking apart. Please add a resource add a resource now.


Foster Parenting Webinar 101


Umm Junaid's Story

I am sharing this story with you now, because I did not share this story with the proper authorities when it happened. I did not call the police when my ex-husband put his hands around my neck and terrorized me and my children.

Hear Our Stories



“Letter to a Stranger” - by Isra

Dear Daddy, I have been searching for you my whole life. You were never lost, never were, and you never will be. But still I long for the imaginary man that should’ve been, could’ve been, but wasn’t. Nearly thirty years later I find myself...More >>.


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