Understanding Abuse

It is important to understand why a cycle of violence continues in a Muslim household regardless of clear guidelines in Islam against oppression. There are multiple reasons behind the behaviors of abusers, victims, families and communities at large. A good first step to becoming equipped to help stop any cycle of violence is to understand the reasons behind it. Although it takes time to become sensitive to the signs of an abusive relationship, it is important for us to learn to recognize them. Some of the more obvious signs may be as simple as one family member insulting the other in front of people, or a person becoming isolated from friends and family.

The Muslim Wheel of Domestic Violence will help you understand abuse in Muslim Families. This section also provides information to assist you to learn to recognize the signs of domestic violence, and to understand more about:

Why Abusers Abuse and
Why Victims Stay;
Why the Family Keeps Silent about it, and
Why the Community Ignores It.

It is difficult to acknowledge when someone you care about is in an abusive relationship. But the more of these warning signs sound familiar, the more crucial it is to help before it gets worse.



“In the Beginning”

One of my earliest childhood memories is the one where I wake up from sleep on my step uncle’s lap to find his finger inside of me. I can’t remember how old I was, I was definitely young enough to still be... More>>



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