Healthy Relationships

A healthy relationship between in intimate partners is characterized by mutual respect, equality, trust, communication, and freedom. Each person is allowed to be an individual within the relationship. Both people grow independently of each other and as a couple. Mouse over the five pillars of healthy relationships below to see questions to help determine whether a relationship is healthy. "Yes" answers to these questions are good signals in a relationship: These are traits of a healthy relationship: trust, equality, respect, freedom and communication. Trust Equality Respect: Is each person being treated fairly by the other? Freedom Communication However, characteristics like disrespect, fear, jealousy, and possessiveness are traits of an unhealthy relationship. If you're not sure about a specific situation, check the list of warning signs.



“In the Beginning”

One of my earliest childhood memories is the one where I wake up from sleep on my step uncle’s lap to find his finger inside of me. I can’t remember how old I was, I was definitely young enough to still be... More>>



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