Have you crossed the line?

  • Do you find you can’t stop the anger?
  • Does what starts as a swat on the backside turn into multiple hits getting harder and harder?
  • Do you shake your child and finally throw him or her down?
  • Do you find yourself screaming louder and louder and unable to stop yourself?
  • Do you feel so overwhelmed you don’t want anything to do with your child – day after day just wanting to be left alone and for your child to be quiet?
  • Do you find you often can’t seem to manage to dress, feed, and get your child to activities?
  • Have other people expressed concern to you about your parenting?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, your parenting has crossed the line into child abuse. Get help to break the cycle, NOW. Call 1-800-4-a-child to find support and resources in your community that can help you break the cycle of abuse. The Directory of Services for Muslims, available on our website, may also be of use.



“In the Beginning”

One of my earliest childhood memories is the one where I wake up from sleep on my step uncle’s lap to find his finger inside of me. I can’t remember how old I was, I was definitely young enough to still be... More>>



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