Signs of Possible Neglect

It can be difficult to observe a situation and to know for certain whether neglect has occurred. Behaviors and attitudes indicating that a parent or other adult caregiver may be neglectful include if he or she:

  • Appears to be indifferent to the child;
  • Seems apathetic or depressed;
  • Behaves irrationally or in a bizarre manner;
  • Abuses alcohol or drugs;
  • Denies the existence of or blames the child for the child's problems in school or at home;
  • Sees the child as entirely bad, worthless, or burdensome;
  • Looks to the child primarily for care, attention, or satisfaction of emotional needs.

Indicators of neglect are more likely to be visible in the appearance or behavior of the child. Mandatory reporters and concerned individuals should consider reporting possible neglect if they notice that a child:

  • Wears soiled clothing or clothing that is significantly too small or large or is often in need of repair;
  • Seems inadequately dressed for the weather;
  • Always seems to be hungry; hoards, steals, or begs for food; or comes to school with little food;
  • Often appears listless and tired with little energy;
  • Frequently reports caring for younger siblings;
  • Demonstrates poor hygiene, smells of urine or feces, or has dirty or decaying teeth;
  • Seems emaciated or has a distended stomach (indicative of malnutrition);
  • Has unattended medical or dental problems, such as infected sores;
  • States that there is no one at home to provide care.


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