Why the Community Ignores It

Community attitudes toward domestic violence are entrenched, long-standing, and not easy to change. We have seen change in the dominant society over the last thirty years with regard to domestic violence — but even with government support and all kinds of attention from the nonprofit sector, there is a long ways to go. The Muslim Community is beginning to change, but it is useful to recognize some of the barriers to this change. Here are just a few of the reasons the Community ignores domestic violence.

Ignorance: The community believes domestic violence is rare, because they never hear it spoken about. As a result, the community may minimize the seriousness of domestic violence.

Community's pride: In the post 9/11 era, Muslim communities generally want to avoid any association with violence. By disclosing violence they feel like they are perpetuating the notion that Muslim communities are violent.

It’s None of Their Business: They don't want to intrude in people's privacy, and believe it is impolite to speak up about something the family wants to hide.

Abuser's Influence: The abusers may give large donations to the local mosques or Islamic Center. This may serve to inhibit the Imam and others from speaking up. Abuser's financial and social status also influences the community. Some abusers secure positions in the boards of mosques and Islamic centers.



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