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This team is comprised of all members who have joined Project Sakinah through different means and channels. We currently have about 800 members in our national team. We not only have members all over the North America, but also around the world. Our members keep the project alive, online and on the ground, through their participation, contributions, communications and prayers.
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Let's Team Up with Ramadan!

Project Sakinah and Ramadan are natural partners. We go along the same lines.

Ramadan requires one to be loving and merciful not just toward family and neighbors but towards all creatures while fasting and focusing on one's relationship with the Creator of all. This extensive control on one's negative behavior and longer worship hours during taraweeh prayers and throughout the day bring tranquility (Sakinah) in people's minds and lives who actually indulge themselves into fasting and other routine rituals of the month with sincerity.

Ramadan also brings family, friends and communities together in a big way. People open their hearts and homes for each other. People share not only their meals but also their time, wealth and other blessings with the community members. This is why, Ramadan gatherings are the largest and the most meaningful gatherings of the year.

Project Sakinah too gathers community to talk about growing strong, violence free families. We team up with organizations and community members to bring programs and workshops to the communities that would help individuals in controlling their anger, resolving their family conflicts, raising their children and taking care of their elderly with love and mercy. We aim to bring sakinah, the tranquility, in each household through our team work, inshaAllah.





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Team Up with Ramadan



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