#MyJihad Social Media Campaign - October 2014

Project Sakinah is proud to be partnering during the month of October with #MyJihad and the Canadian Council of Muslim Women in order to raise awareness about domestic violence and to encourage healthy marriages. This month, many of us are reaffirming our jihad against domestic violence and for healthy marriages. Will you join us?

We don’t want any more sisters to fall victim to a serial abuser like Aasiya did--but that takes an entire community committed to making sure that abusers don’t get a chance to be repeat offenders, to keep marrying innocent victims either here or abroad. We don’t want any sisters to be entrapped in an abusive marriage, and feel that they have no choice to endure it or believe that the abuse is justified by Islam.

On October 21st, 2014, CCMW will be hosting a Violence Against Women conference in Toronto, Ontario. You can find out more information here.

On October 26th, 2014, Project Sakinah is hosting a live conference with Yasmin Mogahed, Yasir Ali, and Zerqa Abid in North Carolina. This event will be live streamed via DeenTV. Full details are available here.

To participate in our Twitter/Facebook campaign, do the following:

  1. Simply print out one of the #MyJihad Against Domestic Violence posters linked below and then take a selfie of yourself or a group of friends with it (We highly recommend printing out a few and taking them to the masjid).#MyJihad is to Stop Domestic Violence#MyJihad to Foster Healthy Marriages#MyJihad to Foster Strong Youth
  2. Tweet the picture to us @ProjectSakinah using the hashtag #MyJihad.
  3. “Like” the MyJihad, Canadian Council of Muslim Women – Toronto Chapter, and ProjectSakinah Facebook pages and post your picture there (or add a comment about your Jihad if you don’t want to share a picture).

It’s amazingly effective, but simple, so please join us and declare your jihad to reclaim our Prophet’s example for peaceful families.

About MyJihad: MyJihad is a public education campaign that seeks to share the proper meaning of Jihad as believed and practiced by the majority of Muslims. Jihad means “struggling in the way of God”. The way of God, being goodness, justice, passion, compassion, etc. It is putting up the good fight against whatever odds or barriers you face in your life. It is a central tenet of the Islamic creed that has unfortunately been widely misrepresented due to a) first and foremost, the actions of Muslim extremists, b) attempts at public indoctrination by Islamophobes who claim that the extremists are right and the rest of us are wrong, and c) a selective media that understandably focuses on the sensational. This campaign is about reclaiming our faith and its concepts from extremists, both Muslim and anti-Muslim. It's about our voice, our lives, our reality. MyJihad includes displaying public ads on buses and trains, the use of #MyJihad hashtag on twitter, outreach on Facebook and Youtube, as well as speaking events and other initiatives. This is more than an ad campaign or a social media buzz. This is a movement of self-expression. Join us.

Let's spread #ProjectSakinah and #MyJihad everywhere inshaAllah!



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