Healthy Marriages for Strong Families

Campaign to Stop Domestic Violence and Foster Healthy Relationships (October - February).

In a 2011 national survey conducted by Project Sakinah and Peaceful Families Project every two out of three (66%) Muslim Americans reported to know someone being abused in their closer circle. One out of two (53 %) of them reported to be abused themselves. This included various types of abuse by a family member. This means a huge number of American Muslim households have a presence of abuse of some form. Which also means that a significant number of our children are being raised in an unhealthy environment that is detrimental to their mental, emotional and physical growth.

Project Sakinah is launching this four-month campaign to address the issue with a holistic approach. We invite the entire community, organizations and professionals to join hands with us in stopping the abuse and growing strong families.

Campaign Goals:

  • to raise awareness about the prevalence of Domestic Violence and its consequences within the Muslim American community,
  • to encourage people to help stop domestic abuse through intervention and prevention.
  • to encourage spouses to improve their relationships through taking various classes and workshops.
  • to encourage couples to seek counseling and other services to resolve conflicts within family members.
  • to draw attention to growing need of having pre-marital marriage counseling as a must condition for every Muslim marriage in America.

How YOU Can Help:

  1. Ask for a khutba ... (more)
  2. Set up a table at mosques, community centers, and college campuses ... (more)
  3. Raise money through the Purple Box Campaign ... (more)
  4. "Telling Amy's Story" group discussion ... (more)
  5. Organize Workshops and Programs ... (more)
  6. Tweet @ProjectSakinah ... (more)
  7. On Facebook ... (more)
  8. Share your stories ... (more)
  9. Make it news ... (more)
  10. Donate ... (more)


  1. Prep Sheet: Please download this document and share it with your imams, community leaders and writers to help them with their khutbas, speeches and write ups on these issues.
  2. Research: The Report of National Survey “The Attitude of Muslim Men and Women Towards Domestic Violence”.
  3. Videos: We have compiled several videos of Khutbas delivered by renowned scholars and Imams .
  4. Books: Check out these publications for more in-depth understanding of these issues.
  5. Campaign Material Here are various campaign material to be distributed at various community events.
  6. Blogs:Read and share these blog posts addressing various angles of the issue.


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