Stand With Purple

According to 2011 national survey of the American Muslim community conducted by Project Sakinah in collaboration with Peaceful Families Project, when American Muslims learned of someone who was being abused, less than 15% directly intervened, and fewer than 45% even spoke with or prayed for the victim.

The Stand with Purple campaign is meant to change that.

Standing with purple means, standing in solidarity with the victims of domestic violencIt means stepping forward to help them as they need it.

Campaigns to raise awareness about domestic violence continuNow it's time for Muslims to demonstrate to everyone that our community is no longer going to accept domestic violence labeled as an Islamic practice.

Standing with Purple means to support those oppressed:

  • speaking up against this evil.
  • organizing programs and workshops to prevent domestic abuse.
  • supporting the victims physically, morally, and financially.
  • restraining the hands of abusers before they abuse.
  • making sure both the abuser and the abused access professional services to break that cycle of abuse.

To Stand with Purple means to engage community members, to take tangible actions that initiate a public discussion about the issuHere are a few of the actions you can do:


Please contact your local mosques now and request them to have khutbas about

  • Domestic Violence,
  • Healthy and unhealthy relationships and
  • The community's role in stopping all kinds of family violence.

Project Sakinah has created a khutba prep sheet for imams and khateebs. Please click here to download.


Please contact your mosque now and seek permission to distribute “Protect Your Loved Ones” pocket-size cards, business cards with information about our online directory for Muslim families, and campaign buttons. Please Click Here to place your order.


Please organize bake sales to raise awareness and raise funds to support the cause within your communities. Our campaign preferred dates are February 14, 15 or 16, but you can organize it whenever it is convenient for your team. You might want to use purple icing or colors to decorate your table and baked goods. Have a purple box on your table to collect donations. You can split the money you raised between Project Sakinah and other local DV organizations. Take pictures, Share it on Facebook and Tweet about it :)


For this one we need all hands on deck. Please, get all your friends and family members to .

  • Like us on Facebook
  • Change your profile picture to the campaign picture. Please click here to download it.
  • Share our Facebook campaign memes with your friends.
  • Share our events, announcements or fundraising appeals on your walls and invite your friends to join us.
  • Take photographs of all campaign activities, meetings, events in your local community and share it with us instantly.
  • Take your own pictures, and share them on Facebook, tagging ProjectSakinah.
  •  Follow us on Twitter & and retweet our tweets.


There is a lot of work that needs to be done to stop domestic violenc Please donate generously so we can continue working to address this issue within Muslim community.

6. More Action Items


  • Blogs: Read & share our blogpost about this campaign. There are many other posts as well addressing various angles of the issue.
  • Khutba Prep Sheet: Please download this document and share it with your imams, community leaders and writers to help them with their khutbas, speeches and write ups on these issues.
  • Research: The Report of National Survey “The Attitude of Muslim Men and Women Towards Domestic Violence”.
  • Videos: We have compiled several videos of Khutbas delivered by renowned scholars and Imams .
  • Books: Check out these publications for more in-depth understanding of these issues.
  • Campaign Material Here are various campaign material to be distributed at various community events.


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