Why Support Project Sakinah?

Project Sakinah is committed to building public will among the Muslim community to address the issue of family violence. Changing the climate of community opinion requires consistent, long term effort. Our heroic brothers and sisters on the front lines providing services often are already doing all they can, without the human and financial resources to serve the immediate crises with which they deal daily, much less take on the task of fully engaging the community in an effort change entrenched attitudes. This is the niche we are working to fill. But Project Sakinah cannot grow and sustain itself without the support of those in the community already aware of the need for change.

  • Project Sakinah has developed its program and strategy after extensive consultation with Muslim advocates working in the area of Domestic Violence, and in consultation with a leading Social Change Agency in Washington, DC, that "crafts strategic and creative services that empower social purpose organizations to build a just and sustainable world."
  • Project Sakinah is unique in its approach to the support of local Muslim communities responding to the issue of Domestic Violence, by providing programs, training, informational resources, by facilitating collaboration and by developing online social activism around the issue.
  • Project Sakinah is a project of Dar al Islam, which was founded in 1979 -- so it has the history, stability, and business-like procedures of an established organization, which happens to be one of a handful of Muslim Organizations in the US with an endowment, the returns on which help support overhead for Project Sakinah and other programs.
  • Dar al Islam is known for the identification, support and nurturing of new ventures that have gone on to provide valuable services to the Muslim community, including the Council on Islamic Education; Deen Intensives, Inc.; Islamic Networks Group; and Zaytuna Institute (now Zaytuna College).


“In the Beginning”

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