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Connect with the Creator. Making du’a is always appropriate.

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Start a conversation. Pick up the phone, talk to a friend, bring up the topic over a meal -- break the silence. Tell your friends and family members what you have learned about domestic violence. You may be surprised to discover how many lives this issue has touched. 

Send an email or a text. Send a link to this website to a friend and ask them what they think. Pass on articles and information about the issue so that you and your friends and family are all learning about it together at the same time. What is important is for you to keep educating yourself, and to join with others in making a difference.

Post a Flyer: Making and distributing a simple flyer can be a meaningful and effective activity. See this post for an account of one brother's experience. You can hand it out to the people you meet, post it around the neighborhood, or put it in people's mailboxes. 

Talk to your Imam: Ask him to talk about the Muslim perspective on domestic violence and to introduce you to the community in Friday sermon, so the people interested can meet you afterwards. Please refer him to our Tools for sample khutbahs and other resources.

Make a short video: Make your own personal or group video statement against domestic violence, then add your voice to all the others being raised by uploading as a part of the Peaceful Families Project's "Take a Stand Campaign." Or you can put together a digital story about an experience you've had. Find out more about making and using digital stories in domestic violence work at Close to Home's Digital Stories page. Finally, you can Submit a Story of a victim, survivor or rescuer of domestic violence willing to share their story anonymously with us. 

Distribute literature: You can obtain literature from a number of sources. There is free literature, like this directory of resources for the Muslim community put out by the Asian and Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence in collaboration with the Peaceful Families Project, that should be available in all of our mosques and community centers. 



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