Safety Plan

Abusers can take drastic actions when they find out they are losing the person they thought they had control over. Emotions are high. For many victims, this is the MOST DANGEROUS time in an abusive relationship. One needs to think BEFORE taking action. Make sure to read all the safety tips below and have victims and family members work on a personal plan as drafted below.

or your local police emergency number

To find out about help in your area, call:
National Domestic Violence Hotline:
1-800-787-3224 (TTY)

Whether or not you feel able to leave an abuser,
there are things you can do to make yourself and your family safer.

Personal Plan

If I decide to leave, places I can go where I feel comfortable and safe are:

1. __________________________________

2. __________________________________

3. __________________________________

I will always let ___________________ and ____________________ know where I am and with whom I am staying.

I will always carry ____________________'s phone number, in case I need to call them because I am uncomfortable or I am being hurt. Their number is ____________________.

Other ways I can get help when I am out are:

1. __________________________________

2. __________________________________

If I am out and need help, I can always call __________________________________ .

In an emergency, I can call 911 or the statewide hotline number 1-800-__________________, or my local domestic violence program at ____________________.

My code word is _______________________. This is a signal for my family, friends, and neighbors to help me, in case I need assistance without alarming my abuser.

If you live with your abuser:
If I have to leave my home, I can go to:

1. __________________________________

2. __________________________________

3. __________________________________

I can tell ___________________ about the violence and request that they call the police if they hear suspicious noises coming from my house.

I am preparing a bag with following items and keeping it with ___________________________.

When I leave I should take: __________________________.

I can also leave copies of these items with ______________________, who can keep them for me.

My bag contains following:
birth certificates
citizenship papers
immigration papers
child custody papers
court order, such as peace bond
health card
social security numbers
money, credit cards
check books
bank book
saving bonds
personal telephone and address book
house keys
car keys
children’s favorite toys
clothing for a few days
safety deposit key


In an Emergency

If you are at home and you are being threatened or attacked, try to:

Stay away from the kitchen.
(The abuser can find weapons there, like knives.)

Stay away from bathrooms, closets or small spaces where the abuser can trap you.

Get to a room with a door or window to escape.

Get to a room with a phone to call for help; lock the abuser out if you can.

Call 911 (or your local emergency number) right away for help; get the dispatcher's name.

Think about a neighbor or friend you can run to for help.

If a police officer comes, tell him/her what happened; get his/her name & badge number.

Get medical help if you are hurt.

Take pictures of bruises or injuries.

Call a Domestic Violence Program or Shelter
You can search our Directory for services in your area, or call the national hotline at 1-800-799-7223



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