Marriage Education

Project Sakinah offers four different programs for married couples. All are presented by Anas Coburn, who in addition to holding a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, is certified by Imago Relationships International as a Community Educator.

The Imago Presentations are:

  • Imago Connects is a multi-use, flexible, well-structured seminar that offers an overview of theory and skills for improving couples relationships through a combination of educational pieces, group discussion,group activities, basic Dialogue practice and Q&A. This workshop can be structured to run from 90 minutes to 3 hours.
  • Start Right, Stay Connected is a one-day Seminar designed to teach couples who are making a life-long commitment that the smarter they start their partnership, the stronger their connection, understanding, and ability to deepen their love throughout the years will be. Typically for couples who are engaged, this seminar structured to take 8 hours (including lunch). What makes it so powerful is that it provides couples just starting their journeys together with the idea of conscious relationships and intentional communication before they hit the really difficult stages. Even better, it does it in a concise format that is not overwhelming and time consuming – perfect for engaged couples with a zillion things to do.
  • Couplehood as a Spiritual Path is an in-depth seminar whose purpose is to give couples the knowledge and skills they need to truly make their marriage “half of their deen.” It is made up of six two-hour modules plus a 90 minute introduction. It can be structured to take place over a two or three day retreat, or as two single day seminars a week apart, or as a six-week course with one two-hour session a week.
  • Through Conflict to Connection is designed to offer some new perspectives on relationships and how conflict is an opportunity for healing. The three sessions and accompanying DVD provide a safe structure to encourage couples to become curious and conscious of the conflict in their relationship. The three 1.5 to 2 hour sessions are best used as a follow up to either the Couplehood or Start Right, Stay Connected Seminars.


“In the Beginning”

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