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Nurture the child parent connection.Hand in Hand Parenting
This is a “connection-centered” parenting group that’s been around for more than twenty years. They have lots of articles on their websites regarding parenting in a gentle, connected manner. They host free teleseminars and free study groups as well. Some of their approach: “Parenting by Connection foundations:

  • When children feel connected, they learn readily, love easily, and become caring leaders among their peers. A healthy parent-child connection enables a child to fully access his intelligence and ability.
  • When parents feel connected with their children and with other parents, they have greater success at solving problems at the heart of family and community life. Parenting becomes more fun, and more rewarding.
  • When children’s behavior goes “off track,”
  • they are asking for closeness, connection and understanding. Parents can use the tools of Special Time, Playlistening, Setting Limits or Staylistening to rebuild the connection with their children. The child offloads stress, reconnects, and can then make thoughtful decisions and learn from his experience.
  • When emotional stress sends parents’ behavior “off track,” they need the support of a listener who appreciates how much they care and how hard they try. Parents need the safety to offload feelings that interfere with their ability to guide their children with love and sensible limits, kindly held.”

SoundVision's 22 Tips for Parents
SoundVision spoke with parents, Imams, activists, and Muslims who grew up in the West to ask them some practical things to help teens maintain their Deen.

How to Show Gratitude for the Blessing of Motherhood
11 things Muslim Moms can do to help them show gratitude, as well as general “good Mom” tips.

100 Ways to be Kind to a Child
Just browse through, be inspired, and be a little kinder to your kids.
“Let’s pack happiness into our children so that the baggage they take into adulthood is goodness, confidence, and kindness instead of packing bags of hurt, struggle, and loneliness that will weigh them down for life.”--L.R. Knost



“In the Beginning”

One of my earliest childhood memories is the one where I wake up from sleep on my step uncle’s lap to find his finger inside of me. I can’t remember how old I was, I was definitely young enough to still be... More>>



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