Domestic Violence

Surviving sexual abuse: Why sweeping it under the rug causes problems

Psychologist Dr. Erin Leonard explains that trauma needs to be continually addressed in an empathetic way at each developmental stage of life. Here is a brief video and article to reinforce your knowledge about this topic.

Top 5 Myths About Human Trafficking

A brief video concerning human trafficking -- worth seeing, worth sharing.

Domestic Violence Survivor- Jaime Masters

The Survivors who raise their voices to tell their stories are witnesses against all --- did we turn away, or did we answer the call of the oppressed? Here's another brief story of one woman's survival.

Let's Get Real: Human Trafficking Books - YouTube

This video discusses resources and books on Human Trafficking. It is a good introduction to the topic and discusses resources one can use to learn more.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - The Gottman Institute

These attributes in a marriage really kill the relationship. Based on decades of very rigorous social science, Gottman's insights are extremely useful. As an introduction to his work, or just as a friendly reminder, this short, 2 minute video is worth watching. Conflict occurs in all marriages. There are many ways couples can handle it in a healthy fashion --but if one or more of the "four horsemen" show up in conflicts in your relationship -- there's serious trouble that needs to be addressed, and may require professional help to do so.

Monsters In the Closet - Domestic Violence From a Child's View

A video clip portraying domestic violence from a child's point of view. You can help spread awareness simply by liking the clip and sharing it on your facebook.

Child Abuse/Domestic Violence PSA

Here's a powerful PSA regarding the impacts of domestic violence on the children who witness it. the video includes pictures drawn by children who have witnessed domestic violence in their home, and their feelings toward it. Witnessing domestic violence is an adverse childhoold experience that can impact the child for the rest of their lives.

Domestic Abuse in Public

This short video raises an issue worth thinking about. It is becoming more common (though still not common enough) for bystanders to intervene when they see abuse of women in public -- but sadly, abuse of men in public by women draws smiles. The Justice department reports a man is abused by a woman every 37 seconds in the Untied States. We must work to make sure our communities are safe for everyone.

Esta Soler: How we turned the tide on domestic violence

Why Do We Treat Our Women That Way?

Friday Sermon - Suhaib Webb Breaking the Silence on Domestic Violence

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf - Wife Beating in Islam

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf - The Quran, Wife Beating & Domestic Violence

Imam Magid - Let's talk about Domestic Violence

Imam Khalid Latif - It's tough being a girl

Sheikh Kifah Mustapha - Islam and Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in Muslim Families - Sh. Yassir Fazaga

Sermon: Removing the Silence on Domestic Violence by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

Dr. Yasmeen Khan: Cause and Impact of Domestic Violence in Muslim Families

Domestic Violence and the Gift of Community by Anas Coburn




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